We Are All Sookmyungians: Alumnae Association of the US

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From May 3 to 5, 'The 10th Sookmyung Women’s University Alumnae Association of the US' was held at Houston Marriott Hotel in the US. Sookmyung Women’s University President Kang Jeongai, President of Sookmyung Women’s University Alumnae Kim Jonghee, President of the Alumnae Association of the US Shim Jisoo, Chair of the Alumnae Association of the US Park bangja, and more than 70 guests from all across the US attended. At the event were various congratulatory speeches, birthday wishes, confirmation of the next president, shared memories from alma mater, and wishes for the development of alma mater. During the awards ceremony, plaques of appreciation and special appreciation as well as a plaque of honor, and a proud global Sookmyung plaque were awarded. There were also surprise birthday celebrations for Park Okgi, Department of Housecrafts ’50 and Yoo Kwanghee, Department of Commerce ’68, who turned ninety this year. The ‘Sookmyung Honorary Ceremony’, which began in Chicago, the US in 2013, has become a school unique tradition through which Sookmyungians convey their respect and gratitude to senior alumnae who celebrate their 50th anniversary since graduating from Sookmyung. A total of 11 senior alumnae, including Kim Jeolja, Department of Pharmacy ’64, were awarded a thank-you letter. They received the award gowning graduation clothing and a graduation cap from South Korea and showed great pride being a Sookmyungian. Yoo Kwanghee, Department of Commerce ’68, as a representative of all guests celebrating their 50th anniversary since graduation, said, "I have used my English name for 50 years in the US. Now after 50 years, I’m so moved to receive a letter of thanks from my alma mater with my Korean name. I feel proud to be a Sookmyungian, and I’m thrilled that my alma mater would come all the way across the ocean to hold this kind of event.” The 11th Sookmyung Women’s University Alumnae Association of the US will be held in Atlanta in 2021. The 2019 event was memorable for all and realized the alumnae power of ‘Global Sookmyungians’. It was a great opportunity to share love between the various graduating year groups.

Ahn Ha Yura

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