Experiencing Korean Culture in the Middle of Summer

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From July 9 to 31, Sookmyung Women’s University’s Global Language and Cultural Institute (GLCI) hosted the ‘Summer Language and Culture Camp’.  Over 130 students from Russia and Kazakhstan participated in the camp.  The purpose of the camp was to provide language training and the opportunity to experience Korean culture.  Students took placement tests for Korean and English on the second day of the camp, and based on those results, they took Korean and English classes that best suited their levels for eleven days at Sookmyung Women’s University.  Aiganym Zholzhaksynova (13) said, “At first, I worried that my teachers wouldn’t understand me because I am a foreign student.  However, they understood us very well, and it was great opportunity to learn new languages.”  Camp participants not only took classroom lectures, they also joined off-campus activities.  To learn more about Korea, students were taken on tours to experience Korean culture.  They visited famous tourist spots such as COEX Aquarium, Cheonggyecheon stream, and Lotte World.  With K-pop popular worldwide, students also joined programs at SMTOWN and K-pop dance classes.  Participants also went to Gyeongbokgung Palace and had the opportunity to wear Hanbok.  At the close of the camp, students had to join a final project contest and the closing ceremony at Samsung Convention Center.  Students presented their final projects in groups, which detailed their experiences at camp.  Topics ranged from cultural differences, environmental problems in Korea, relationship between Russia and Korea, stereotypes Korean have about Russia and Kazakhstan, and life at Sookmyung Women’s University.  The presentations included slideshows, videos, and dance. The final project contest was an opportunity for students to express their likes about Korea and Korean culture like helping others, fashion, and the separation of garbage.  Since the final project contest was held the second to last day of camp, professors, who taught them language classes, were able to enjoy their presentations and cheer on their students.  Students also expressed their gratitude and satisfaction to their professors and the camp.

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