Let's Start with a Test Market

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From April 5 to 6, Sookmyung Women's University held a Student Union Test-Market for Sookmyungians from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  The purpose of the Test-Market was to create an event for Sookmyungians who wish to become entrepreneurs.  It offered students the opportunity to determine if they were truly ready to sell their goods to others.  It also helped students dreaming of starting up a business or goods.  ‘Test-Market’ grew from the flea market on campus, but unlike the flea market, it was aimed only at students currently preparing to start a business or those who have already started a business at Sookmyung Women's University.  In that respect, it’s different from other markets.  At the Test-Market, sellers were able to investigate whether their product is competitively priced and determine whether their product is something people would buy.  The Test-Market was managed by the Program for Industrial Needs Matched Education (PRIME).  The PRIME team did a survey to purchasers.  Based on a 5-point scale, the survey results found that overall customer satisfaction was 4.44 points.  The lowest scoring item was facility satisfaction, which was found to be 3.80 points.  Kim Chohee, PRIME staff, said, “Though it was not highly publicized, student interest in the Test-Market was high and there were lots of students making purchases from fellow Sookmyungians, so the event turned out better than we had imagined.  Next year, the PRIME team hopes even more students will participate at the Test-Market.”  Kim Suhyun, Department of English Language and Literature ’18, who bought items at Test-Market said, “Test-Market prices were not cheap.  I’ve seen similar products at other places that were cheaper, but the event was a good chance to see so much variety in goods at once, so I didn’t have to wander about from shop to shop."  If the Test-Market adjusts its prices and improves its facilities, the next Test-Market will surely see an increase in the number of student participants.

Kim Lee Daye

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