Big Data and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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On September 15, the Economic Management Institute of Sookmyung Women's University hosted an academic event entitled 'Big Data Analysis of the Fourth Industrial Revolution', in Room 307 of the Veritas Building.  Park Jongsung, Professor of the Division of Business Administration and Head of the Economic Management Institute at Sookmyung Women's University, said, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution has the whole world talking right now.  I expect it will bring big changes to our society, and I am looking forward to those changes.  This event is a way to give our students a chance to learn more about how big data is being utilized in the workplace.  I hope the discussions and debates we have today will benefit students considering careers in related fields in the future.”  Three guest speakers were invited to discuss three main topics.  Professor Kwon Young-ok from the Division of Business Administration lectured on the 'Current State of Development of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution', Huh Jaeho from LG U+ talked about 'Communications, Business' Respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the Trend of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence', and Hong Jungman of LG CNS presented on the 'Current State of How the IT Industry is Responding to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Big Data Artificial Intelligence, IoT, etc.)'.  Ryu Soyoung, Division of Business Administration ‘16, said, "I am currently interested in starting up my own business and thought it would be useful to know more about today’s market trend.  Since the Fourth Industrial Revolution is globally a hot topic, I decided to attend this seminar and hear from professors and experts.  I am extremely satisfied.  These talks were some of the best I have ever attended because I was able to hear from people on the actual worksites.”  The event ran over time due to the great amount of information presented.  Still, many guests and Sookmyungians remained until the end to listen and learn about topics and concerns related to Big Data and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Kim Hong Taeeun

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