President Park's Dismissal

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The Constitutional Court decided the fate of President Park on March 10th.  She was impeached, which is an unprecedented case in South Korea.  It is the first ever president impeachment in the history of the nation.  The four reasons for the judgement of impeachment were: permission of state affairs intervention and abuse of authority, abuse of power to appoint and dismiss civil servants, infringement upon the freedom of speech, and violation of the protection for the human right to live.  Although prosecutors produced a number of concrete evidences, there were also a lot of circumstantial evidences and a number of issues were excluded from the trial because they were without grounds.  The Constitutional Court founded President Park has clear responsibility for allowing Choi Sunsil to monopolize government administrative duties, and consequently, gave the ruling of dismissal.  That same day, Korean portal sites were bombarded with searches related to President Park's impeachment, which clearly shows how closely the entire nation focused on the trial and its outcome.  However, the interest in the impeachment was not only local.  Shortly after the adjudication on impeachment, CNN uploaded an article about President Park's dismissal on its online homepage under the headline 'Park Out'.  Other major international media such as British BBC, Chinese CCTV, and Japanese NHK also posted news articles about the ruling.

Choi Shin Woohyun

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