UC Davis Global Study Program

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On March 29th, the Global Lounge hosted representatives from UC Davis, a university located in North California.  The theme of the event was ‘Study Abroad’.  The study abroad program at UC Davis is a one or two-semester overseas university transfer credit course in which Sookmyung will cover 40% of a student’s tuition fees.  The campus is known for its wonderful biking trails around the school and its beautiful campus.  The presentation detailed UC Davis, fees, academic environment, and qualification requirements for admissions to the program.  Besides 40% supplement on tuition costs, Sookmyung also offers special support when seeking house during the stay in California. To qualify for the overseas study program, students must have a GPA of over 3.0 and a score of over 550 PBT/80 on IBT or a level 7 IELT ranking.  There are 104 different courses of study available to Korean students.  Choi Soyoung, instructor at the Center for International Affairs & Cooperation, said the Centre continually works for students to make them meet manager who works in admission office and get some specific information directly.  The Center is planning to host additional information events for students preparing for an exchange program in the coming months.  After the presentation, one of the attendees, Park Kyungmin, Department of English Literature and Language’ 14 said, “I am preparing for an exchange program, so I was lucky to join this event to learn more about studying abroad and ask questions.”  More and more students are interested in going on study exchanges.  If you are one of them or simply want to know more, visit the Global Lounge or the Center for International Affairs & Cooperation. The staffs at these offices are always willing to assist.

Song Yoon Heejeong

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